Custom optics

High Resolution Lenses

OPTO5 designs and produces custom lenses for all the machine vision applications that are beyond the reach of standard catalogues.
Object space or image space telecentricity, field distortion minimization, fine-tuning of nodal points, macro capability, wavelength range optimization, ... are exemplary target specifications which most likely require an ad hoc optical design.
Our long-standing skills on lens design, manufacturing and testing are the right answer to such needs.

Our capabilities range from the production of one-by-one mechanically compensated top-class high-resolution lenses, to the high-volume manufacturing of robustly designed lenses. All parts are characterized with up-to-date instrumentation: MTF, EFL and spectral transmittance measurements are indeed routinely carried out before delivering the final product.

Plastic Optical Parts

OPTO5 designs and fabricates plastic optical parts, including aspherical lenses, beam shapers, prisms and light guides. PMMA and polycarbonate are among the most used materials, both in clear and black IR versions.

Typical applications may have to do with:

  • integrated optics for distance/presence sensors
  • lighting systems
  • imaging aspherical lenses for medical/scientific applications and light concentrators

Precision Optical Assemblies

The clever integration of optical systems with mechanical supports and electronic boards becomes of utmost importance whenever the final product's performance has to paired with its compactness.
OPTO5 can design, assemble, calibrate and test a large variety of optomechanical parts such as:

  • laser lighting groups
  • matrix and linear imagers
  • LED lighting systems
  • photodetector optical assemblies
  • color separator devices optoelectronic sensors

Glass optical parts

OPTO5 product range includes high-quality glass optical parts able to successfully satisfy all professional optical application requirements. Parts are manufactured with the required type of optical glass, available with coatings.

Spherical lenses:

  • Plano - Convex
  • Biconvex
  • Plano - Concave
  • Biconcave
  • Positive and negative meniscus
  • High precision lenses for power laser
  • Precision optimized Achromats
  • Steinheil Achromatic Triplets


  • Right angle prisms
  • Dove prisms
  • Roof prisms
  • Penta prisms
  • Rhombic prisms
  • Wedge prisms
  • Corner cube prisms
  • Beamsplitter cube prisms


  • Flat mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • Mirrors for power laser