Power LED light concentrators

Beam shapers

Beam Shapers are optics especially designed to be able to change the uniformity or shape of a laser beam from its original source form.
They are employed when there is a need of a beam of uniform intensity, which usually is not obtainable from the original laser source, or of a shape that can't be naturally produced, such as a ring or a line.
Beam Shapers are essential in such cases, thanks to their ability to be able to transform the laser beam in one which has the required characteristics for your application.

OPTO5 offers a complete and up-to-date catalogue of lenses which are especially designed to concentrate, diffuse and shape the light emitted by all the high-radiance LED sources produced by OSRAM, CREE, LUMILEDS and SEOUL SEMICONDUCTORS.

  • TIR Lenses, 10,0 mm series, models: spot
  • TIR Lenses, 19,7 mm series, models: spot, flood, diffuse and line
  • TIR Lenses, 26,0 mm series, models: spot, flood, diffuse and line
  • Holders for 19,7 e 26,0 series