Opto5 - The accuracy in the shape

Opto5's Expertises

OPTO5 is a brand-new firm in the field of optical manufacturing and design. Yet, OPTO5's expertise builds upon more than 20 years of activity, conducted as an independent business unit within a bigger industrial automation company. OPTO5 products are tailored to a large variety of applications

  • machine vision
  • optical metrology
  • optical sensors
  • lighting systems

Light concentrators for industrial, medical, scientific and solar energy applications are in our product catalogue too.


OPTO5 has a fully-equipped optical workshop, with leading-edge capabilities in lens roughing/polishing, surface forming, glass plates cutting, and a rich selection of glasses and radii of curvature. OPTO5 is also equipped with

  • a high vacuum chamber for the deposition of dielectric coatings (AR, multilayer, ...) on filters, mirrors and beamsplitters
  • a laboratory for performing several types of optical measurements (interferometry, radiometry, spectroradiometry, laser beam analysis, polarimetry, ...)
  • a clean room for assembling lenses and optical/optoelectronic systems.

Moreover, we can perform injection molding of optical components with a host of materials, including PC, PMMA and other optical grade polymers.


The most prolific statement in the optical design world is well known:

"Work with the Provider"

OPTO5 extends this concept with a further policy, namely:

"Work with the Customer"

Our experience is at the customer's disposal, so as to achieve the simplest and most cost-effective solutions starting from the customer's original ideas.